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Disputed Histories — Vahida Ramujkić

Place: Molekula, Delta 5 (ex Ivex building)
9th of October at 7pm — introduction to the workshop and artist talk
10th, 11th and 12th of October (12pm to 4 pm) — the duration of the workshop
12th of October at 4pm — conclusion of the workshop and mingling with the participants of the workshop and the artist

“Disputed Histories”
Vahida Rumujkić

SIZ Gallery invites you to participate in Vahida Rumujkić’s project “Disputed Histories”.
Workshop — Socialism once and never

With the dissolution of the socialist Yugoslavia the consensus over the common history broke down as well. Today, the same geographic location, when looking at the official historic interpretations, hosts seemingly disparate narratives, oriented primarily towards the stabilization of national identities and the capitalist economic system.

History textbooks, that were in use from the 1990s until today, are more or less — when we focus on national histories — contradicting neighboring national programs. However, since the historical revisions have been made in the same key, we notice upon closer examination that these narratives are not as different as they might have appeared in the beginning. Using the same matrix and a similar patriotic literal style they selectively present and interpret historical factography and what they have in common is bigger or smaller relativization and eradication of achievements of the previous socialist system, humanitarian values such as internationalism, collective ownership, self-governing etc.

Patterns are similar because they are a part of the identical broader narrative — the establishment of the hegemony of the neoliberal capitalist system in which privatization of the commonly acquired social capital and exploitation of the citizens from the side of the newly established business and political elites can be conducted with ease. Still it is hard to say that the mentioned programatic conflicts between similar narratives are just superficial, after they have been backed up by wars, thousands of victims, veterans, soldiers, dislocated and resettled people, this workshop will try to investigate the problems of shifting historical narratives focusing on the period of developing socialist relations, through the analyses of textbook lectures used in schools before and after 1990s on the territory of ex Yugoslavia.

In the workshop we will analyze visual and textual materials from the textbooks, encourage discussions and try to compile a new volume with a selection of materials from different textbooks created on site using collage and photocopy techniques.

About the project

This workshop is part of the ongoing project “Disputed Histories” that includes a library of history and other “social studies” textbooks, which have been in use in different periods on the territory of ex Yugoslavia and some neighboring countries. You can find more information about the project on http://irational.org/vahida/history/.

Vahida Rumujkić works between art and activism. Through individual practice, as well as in collaborations, Vahida’s projects are based on relations that are constructed in the process of the realization of the work, in this way offering opportunities of acquiring new knowledge and experience, rather than on finished objects. In this sense her work is contextual — it is dealing with creating circumstances and situations, which would inspire new creative moments and transformations on personal and social level. http://irational.org/vahida/

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