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Jamesдин — Tomato Tourists

november 29 – december 29, 2015
opening at  11:30 am
Ul. Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 6
51000, Rijeka

The exhibition titled Tomato Tourists is the result of cooperation between SIZ Gallery in Rijeka and the Podroom Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. The environment in which this new work by Jemesдин (Aleksandar Jestrović) was created is a small quiet place in Vojvodina, near the recently built “defensive” wire on the Hungarian border. Under the influences that arise where the lowlands, desolation and restrictions work together, the artist, based on his previous experience and advice of medical specialists, and at the invitation of cultural institutions, makes promises of general recovery through Психоterapija.

*Tomato Tourists – because they carry all from home except from tomatoes that they buy locally. (Thanks to Svebor Midžić who give the explication of the title in English)

Tomato Tourist

“After an active holiday at the expense of the KCB (Cultural Centre of Belgrade) in Bački Vinogradi and later a holiday in Zagreb at the expense of the SC (Student Centre), I’m arriving in Rijeka at the closure of the post- season and – on November 29 – opening the exhibition at SIZ Gallery (Self-Managed Interest Community). They asked me why the 29th – any particular reason? They said it’s a Sunday, they wondered whether anyone would come: people don’t even answer their phones on that day. No particular reason. I’m coming on the 27th, in the evening; on the 28th I’m installing what I’ve dragged; on the 29th is the opening and I’m pushing off in the morning. Fish and visitors stink after three days.

As I was studying daily Blic at the beach in Ulcinj last summer, I came across an article about a couple from Novi Sad; the guy of my age was treated for depression and relatives sent him to the seaside; he returned after a month and a half and killed his wife with a meat cleaver. I complained to our doctors of fatigue and some fog in my head and they said it was from idleness, while the German doctors found depression and sent me to psychotherapy, but rest is more helpful for me, so my wife and I decided not to return from holidays as long as Hartz IV is in effect.
We spent part of our holidays undergoing a music therapy that I had mastered at the University Hospital Charité Berlin and, with my best man Dejan, started the band Психоterapija and prepared Black Mental interpretation of the song Obećanja (Promises) (has fate been reduced to that) of the band Magazine (Rozga feat. Tifa), which we will be proud to present at the exhibition in SIZ.”

More about Jamesдин at: https://jamesdin.wordpress.com/

Tranlated by Vesna Strika

Program cooperation coordinator: Zorana Đaković Minniti
Realization of this exhibition was supported by the author and his friends, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, City of Belgrade, Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Gallery of the Student Centre in Zagreb, Gallery SIZ in Rijeka and City of Rijeka.

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