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1+1=0 Surrogates – Juliana Borinski

Opening 28. august, 8pm
Open from 28. august to 6. september
Working hours 10:00 – 13:00 i 18:00 – 21:00, saturday 10:00 – 21:00

“1+1=0 surrogates”
Juliana Borinski

With her solo exhibition 1+1=0 SURROGATES a Paris based visual artist Juliana Borinski, critically approaches the question of value through artistic gestures that erase, transform and translate the value of money — more precisely, the currency of the European Union.

The central piece in the exhibition 1+1=0 SURROGATES is an object made from two destroyed 1 Euro coins which now, void of their “original” monetary value, gain a new “currency”. The two outer rings of the Euro coin are connected into a specific form, thus becoming an artwork as well as a piece of jewelry, depending on the presentational format. 1+1=0 is an unlimited edition of objects strictly defined as an abstract form and as such legally patented both in France and the EU — made possible only by concealing the fact that the mentioned form is created by destroying money, an illegal act.

The object created becomes a kind of a new currency, whose value is hardwired to the value of the Euro, which can be seen as a contrapose to the US government’s suspension of the convertibility of the US dollar to gold.

With all this being said, the exhibition 1+1=0 SURROGATES will not exhibit the object 1+1=0 itself.

Just as the flow of capital cannot be visualized other than by capturing different forms/stages of its circulation, the exhibition presents the surrogates of the object 1+1=0, from the process of its creation, distribution and presentation.

The video, Prelude shows the process of destruction of the Euro coins; the separation of the outer rings from the coin’s center. The video resembles that of Ivan Moudov, shown previously in Gallery SIZ. However, while the playful streetwise trick used by Moudov entertains us with his ability to easily separate the coins, Juliana’s method seems to treat this action rather seriously as a proper production process – or does it?

Juliana Borinski is a Brazilian-German artist based in Paris. She is working with moving and still images in the field of experimental photography, videography and media installation, experimenting with the conjunction between iconography and iconoclasm.

Gallery SIZ is supported by the City of Rijeka – City Department of Culture, and Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia.

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